Dewey Automation & Interactive Concepts specializes in custom systems that are designed and fabricated to interact with people.  From museum exhibits to stage motion controllers, our services can be used for many different types of applications.  Dewey Automation produces custom electronics for museums nationwide, along with scenic control systems for the stage.  

Research and Development plays an important part in the creation of our custom electronics. Dewey Automation has, and continues to, visit museums, zoos, and amusement parks, in order to bring the best ideas to the table for our clients. Keeping an eye to the new technology while maintaining a foundation to try and true methods, Dewey Automation & Interactive Concepts is constantly integrating new possibilities into our electronic systems, including computer interface moving activities beyond the monitor screen.

Dewey Automation motion control systems can put control of a turntable, or other moving stage devices at the touch of a finger.  A DAI Concepts stage positioning system is custom designed for a theater's need, with the flexibility for the future. We can also meet the stage production requirements for electronics in theater props.